Evening Grosbeak - Bird Knowledge

Evening Grosbeak - Bird Knowledge
The evening grosbeak, a passerine bird from the finch family Fringillidae, inhabits North America.


Resembling the Eurasian hawfinch, the evening grosbeak is a robust finch with a large bill. Adult males have a yellow body, brown head, and white wing patch, while females sport olive-brown plumage and white wing patches.

Basic Info:

Scientific Name: Hesperiphona vespertina
Lifespan: Up to 16 years
Size: 6.3 to 8.7 inches
Weight: 1.9 ounces
Wingspan: 12 to 14 inches

Habitat and Distribution:

Found year-round in Canada and western US mountains, evening grosbeaks prefer nesting high in trees like spruces and pines. They also ventured into New England in the 1900s.

Backyard Presence:

Feasting on black oil sunflower seeds, these birds also enjoy fruits, nuts, buds, sap, and berries. Their diet includes maple seeds, insects, and invertebrates.

Breeding Behavior:

Breeding in coniferous forests of Canada, US, and Mexico, evening grosbeaks build nests on horizontal branches. Some migrate to the southern US in winter, forming large foraging flocks and occasionally ingesting gravel.


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