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Pet Poisoning Prevention: How to Keep Your Furry Friend Safe from Cannabis and Other Toxins

Pet Poisoning Prevention: How to Keep Your Furry Friend Safe from Cannabis and Other Toxins

Most of us would be horrified by the idea of anything happening to our four-legged friends. While cannabis may be safe in small amounts for humans, it is not recommended for pets, as it is toxic and can potentially be harmful.

There are plenty of other items you might have around your home that have the potential to harm your dog, including toxins such as alcohol, xylitol, and caffeine, as well as chocolate. Dogs have different tolerances for all of these but should never consume any of them.

Understanding Pet Poisoning

There are many different perspectives on marijuana. In fact, in the modern age using marijuana as medicine is popular in a variety of scenarios. However, in its main form, it will be toxic and potentially poisonous to dogs. 

Types of pet poisoning

Pet poisons that are accidentally ingested are usually swallowed, inhaled, or absorbed by dogs. Inhalation is particularly relevant when it comes to cannabis, but there are products that pets could potentially eat, too. Gummies are available from a cannabis dispensary, for example.

Symptoms and signs of poisoning in pets

There are many different symptoms of poisoning. Vomiting, diarrhea, changes in heart rate are all signs of poisoning. In the case of cannabis it is more likely that your dog will lose some coordination and seem very lethargic.

Cannabis Poisoning in Pets 

The risks of cannabis poisoning in your pets include tremors, seizures, and in some cases even a coma. Cannabis poisoning can happen in a few different situations but it tends to be because your pet has either inhaled the cannabis while it is being smoked, or that they have eaten something containing cannabis.

If you see that they are drowsy, lose their appetite or lose their coordination, or that there are changes in heart rate then you should look to get your pet checked out immediately. Cannabis is rarely fatal, and there are even products like CBD oil for pets that can treat their ailments, but this doesn’t mean you should take any risks.

Preventing Pet Poisoning

When you have a pet, it is important that you realize what could be an issue for them. Understand things that are toxic to your pets first and foremost. For instance, a lot of people don’t know that Xylitol is so bad for dogs. Create a list of these items and try to memorize them. 

Properly storing items and disposing of anything that could hurt your dog is crucial. Don’t leave items lying around, or in a bin that your dog can easily access. Plus, when you store things, keep them in high cupboards and keep them away from your pet’s access.

Specific Steps for Preventing Cannabis Poisoning

When it comes to specific cannabis products and preventing your pets from accessing them, it is crucial that you know the risks. 

While cannabis is deemed safe for many humans, it isn’t necessarily safe for dogs. In fact, it is toxic and should be kept away from them unless you are using something like CBD oil specifically made for dogs.

Ensure that you keep your cannabis supplies out of the reach of cats and dogs, stored in a cupboard. It is best to store it in an airtight container anyway, which means it should be harder for pets to access it. Don’t leave things like grinders out after use, either.

Know the signs of cannabis poisoning, including lethargy and an irregular heart rate, as this can help you recognize when something has happened to them. 

Responding to Pet Poisoning

If you fear that your pet has been poisoned or ingested something toxic, it is time to take action. 

Contact a veterinarian or a pet poison control hotline straight away, they can help you to work out the next steps to give medical attention to your pet. 

First aid steps are limited when it comes to poisoning, but ensure that any remains of the item are gone, and tempt your treat to drop the toxic if they have it in their mouth. You can do this with a treat. 

Don’t try to make your pet vomit, as without a veterinarian’s help this can be dangerous.


It is a worrying time if you think your pet has ingested something, and it is crucial to try and keep your pet away from toxins and items that can potentially harm them. This includes cannabis, which pets shouldn’t be exposed to. 

Store everything that could be toxic to your pet responsibly, and keep them in containers that your pet wouldn’t be able to penetrate if they got inquisitive. 

A little foresight can go a long way to avoiding harmful health issues. 

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